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CB component custom about VirtuemartJVmenu1.0

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VMDL importing data instantly

(We just release a new version for Virtuemart 2.0 and Joomla 1.6/1.7 , Please check it here :VMDL for VM2.0 and Joomla 1.6/joomla 1.7)

Vmdl tool allows users to easily create virtuemart product item from data stored in excel and CSV files. When used with vmdl , the powerful functions and cutomer service that also allows for the creation of more complex structured product items,include all of attributes and product types,vmdl allows for the easy transfer of data from excel file into your virtuemart product catalogues, product listings, price listings, and more. With or without vmdl, products input is an essential time-saving tool for any Joomla and Virtuemart site. this new edtion is integrated into the VM backend,more convenient to use,less steps,adding check module,and more quick loading.

Feature Summary

  • Import format CSV file, regardless of size
  • auto-creates categories and auto-creating product item, then auto-loading product detail
  • Support remote host data loading,help you create data anywhere
  • help Service —Help clients use this tool and fill the excel file correctly at first time

A Step-by-Step Overview of Vmdl

0Edit the product info into excel file

  • unzip the package,edit the file "productlist.xls" file by your product info,
  • then save it as "productlist.csv",overwrite the old one.

1 Upload files and overwrite

  • upload them to your host's joomla root path,overwrite the old file.

2 change,upload,overwrite again

  • whenever you need to modify the excel file,and reload data,
  • please remember to modify the file - "productlist.xls", save as "productlist.csv",
  • upload it to the host path - "administratorcomponentscom_virtuemarthtml" again, let it overwrite the old one.

3 Control panel at virtuemat backend

  • login into the Virtuemart backend,
  • find out the last menu on the left column - 'Vmdl',
  • then click the "use csv import your data",view the page of the Vmdl tool.

4 Check the format of csv file

  • there are two choice item, one is choice if check the excel format or action loading now, one is choice for if delete the old data,
  • we strongly recommend my client to check the format at first time, so you need to select the option "do you need to check the csv file" to "Yes",then click the "load now" button at the bottom of this page.if the excel format is error , you will see many error message in the next page, and you can fix them by those message,
  • when all format is ok and no error again, you can click the button "Continue" at the bottom of this page,and come back to first page.

5 Load the csv file

  • select the option "do you need to check the csv file" to "No",then click the "load now" button at the bottom of this page,
  • after that, the tool begin to load the data into Virtuemart, you can see two info messages when it finish to load data.

6 That's it!

  • If your format of excel is correct, the product's items are now available from the virtuemart's control panel about product,
  • you can check at the backend right now.
Customer review
John from Australia on July 23, 2009

I would highly recommend JoomMV for any of your VirtueMart needs. JoomMV are very helpful and professional specifically in template modifications and importing Excel files into VirtueMart. Their services are very fast and friendly.
Emanuel Robu from Romania on June 12, 2009

I tryed many many many Virtue Mart plugins or anything to help me put thousand of products... But on may of them i need to understand the CVS fields, the delimiters, and stuff.. is hard work. But for newbys like me.. Just a simple excel, with fields. I tell you falks, this is the best tool, for uploading products in virtuemart data base.
- It even auto-creates categories.
- the pictures (thumbnails, and full size) they keep the original name..
- And many more.
The price is not expensive, for the importance of the tool. I strongly recomended! Thank you for making this tool for Joomla 15.
Brandee Borror from U.S on may 07, 2009

I wanted to take the time to express how great the VM tool is from Not only is the tool an efficient way to import product into VirtueMart, but the customer service I received was fantastic. My specific situation needed some altering and Kevin Ye, at, took the tool and modified to my specifications, then helped even more by writing an entire new script to use and load through php – all at a great price. The VM tool, either out of the box or altered, is a highly powerful and organized way to manage products for VirtueMart, with the so much simplicity you don't have to be a code -genius to achieve. It saves loads of time personally, and while I'm billing or quoting new jobs. I can just give the spreadsheet to my client to fill out their product information, then load it in seconds onto their site. This is a benefit in many ways... it helps me provide a low-cost way for companies to get their products online (without all that nasty tab-by-tab data entry), but also allows me to manage products off-line and then update in a few very simple steps.

Since the tool was such a success, and I received such outstanding customer service, I have contacted Kevin on other projects to help out with with template modifications and css styling. As a graphic designer, I have the skills to make something look great, but not necessarily the means to code a site the way it needs to be for web and user-friendliness. Kevin's expertise is unparalleled, and I found him to be consistently pleasant, and always provided results in a timely manner. I highly recommend working with Kevin Ye, and, for your Joomla, VirtueMart, templates, cusotmization or other projects.

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Virtuemart Upload Component

Upload Images and Files with your order in Virtuemart - VMUpload is a versatile plugin to the core application Virtuemart that allows for a customer to upload files to their order based on parameters established by the site administrator. it include a Joomla component and a Virtuemart patch.

Feature Summary


  • Upload and bind the files to a order
  • Ability to add more upload fields as needed
  • Secure client folder created as upload destination (folder name defined by username)
  • Create the thumbnail image automatically if the uploaded file is picture
  • Integrate with an image gallery for photos, show upload picture with lightbox
  • CSS friendly coding; Multi-language compatible (English native)


  • Check the uploaded files based on client orders
  • Download uploaded files from orders
  • Config number of maximum Files to upload
  • Config Maximum files size
  • Config upload file folder
  • Choice of acceptable file types
  • Creation of thumbnail image to defined size
  • Manage the uploaded files