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virtuemart development

JoomlaVMDL-Excel data import tool for Virtuemart

JoomlaVMDL-This tool is used to quickly import Virtuemart product data with Excel files, users only needs to  editor the excel file's data, then use this tool  to import a large amount of product data immediately, it will use the excel date to generat product category and product's detail data automatically.

How to Use it:
1. develop the tool by java, so users must have jre environment.
2. unzip the zip file,and edit ""  file, fill in the correct database information, to replace, xxxx, xxxx text.
3. the Excel file: productlist.xls, fill your product data into it. Attention, Do not modify the first row of the excel file.
4. Run the program - "Run.bat", finish import excel data into Virtuemart!


How to develop a shipping module for virtuemart

  The following is a list of all methods that must be implemented by a shipping module’s class file.

string list_rates( Array $d )
Lists all available shipping rates.

Attention : The array $d contains the values for the cart total weight ($d['weight']) and the ID for the shipping address the user has selected ($d['ship_to_info_id']). The ship_to_info_id refers to the field user_info_id in the tables jos_users OR jos_vm_user_info. Check both for a matching entry!
float get_rate( Array $d )
Returns the amount for the selected shipping rate by analyzing the parameter shipping_rate_id.
float get_tax_rate( Array $d )
Returns the tax rate for this shipping module (e.g. 0.19).
boolean validate( Array $d )
Validates the value for the parameter shipping_rate_id usually using isset( $_SESSION[$shipping_rate_id] ). Assumes you have set the value in the function list_rates for each returned shipping rate.


How to develop a payment module for virtuemart

   The following is a list of all methods that must be implemented in a payment module's class file.

string show_configuration( void )
Shows the configuration form for this payment module in the payment method form.
boolean has_configuration( void )
returns true if the payment module can be configured, false if not
boolean configfile_writeable( void )
returns true if the configuration file for that payment module is writeable, false if not
boolean configfile_readable( void )
returns true if the configuration file for that payment module is readable, false if not
void write_configuration( Array )
stores all configuration values for this payment module in the configuration file.
boolean process_payment(String $order_number, Float $order_total, Array &$d)
This is the main function for all payment modules that use direct connections to a payment gateway (like or eWay XML). This is the place, where the payment details are validated and captured on success. Returns true on sucess, false on failure.
float get_payment_rate(Float $subtotal)
This is the function to calculate the fee / discount for this special payment module (so you can calculate a fee, depending on the order total amount).


How to Upload / import of customer details for Virtuemart?

  I had to migrate users from old e-shop into VirtueMart. After short research on web I found tool for import Joomla users (userport, author: Parvus) but no one for VM.
After another research I found tables which must be filled, but also with main problem: How to generate "user_info_id", solved by this function:
md5( date_format( date_add( sysdate( ) , INTERVAL FLOOR( 1 + ( RAND( ) *998 ) ) MICROSECOND ) , "%Y%m%d%H%i%s%f" )

My “quickly prepared” solution use several steps and tools described below:
1) Joomla component – userport
2) MS Excel tool for user import from any user list source
3) MS Access query – for extract new user only (not assigned to VM shopper groups)
4) MS Excel tool for bulk MySQL query


How to config or hack the display of Tax in Cart.

Config : It is under shopper groups.  In the back end under Shopper click on List Shopper Groups.  Then click on the shopper group or groups that are published.  Uncheck the option to "Show Prices including tax"

Hack : Change two files

1.Change the following code from "components\com_virtuemart\themes\default\templates\basket" :- in line 72-77

ERROR [include_code_listing plugin]: File Not Found (C:/Inetpub/vhosts/ codes/tax1.txt)

2.Change the following code from "ro_basket.php"

ERROR [include_code_listing plugin]: File Not Found (C:/Inetpub/vhosts/ codes/tax2.txt)

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Virtuemart Quotation Component

VMQuote , the online Quotation / Invoice system assists the virtuemart shop in preparation, issue, and tracking of customer quotations.
VMQuote ?allows users to quickly and accurately prepare a customer quotation by accessing the products in virtuemart store. with the powerful component, you can create any quotations for any customers, even for unregister customers, it will create a new account for them when you finish creating the quotation, and email the customers the account and quotation with pdf format document. After the new customer login in your website and ?accept the quotation, it will create a new order automatically and wait for customer finishing the payment.
It also provide the invoice function, you can generate ?the invoice of pdf format at the backend, if? you want to track the quotations and analysis the statistic, you can export all kind of tables about quotation,invoices,unpaid order.
It is a Stardand joomla component for virtuemart, so don’t worry about the edition of your virtuemart, the installation is absolutely simple, the usage is absolutely easy.

Feature Summary

  • Integrate with all VM products listed on website.
  • Auto create new customer (registration) if not existing customer ( included login details in email with quotation)
  • Quotation – Send to customer in HTML email? with attached PDF
  • Quotation – Customer are able to accept or reject quotation in the frontend
  • Quotation –? If accepted auto generate purchase order , If rejected ask why
  • Export data to CSV
  • Statements with line item invoices marked paid or unpaid
  • help Service —Help clients use this tool correctly at first time