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Home Virtuemart development Problem when logging in during checkout process as existing user

Problem when logging in during checkout process as existing user


    Using j1.5.5 and vm 1.1.2:
After adding a product to the cart, then logging in as an existing user,
I get redirected to a page that simply says:

Welcome to the registered user area of our site.

the url of the page: index.php?option=com_user

What could cause this?

PS: If I register as a new user instead of logging in as existing user, the process goes smoothly through the cart process with no glitches.


My workaround fix is to add a link to the shopping cart on that "Welcome to the registered user area of our site" doofy page:

ERROR [include_code_listing plugin]: File Not Found (C:/Inetpub/vhosts/ codes/shopcart.html)
You can make the href more general, but that's how mine works

The page to edit depends on your theme.

If your theme is "beez", edit the page:

If your theme is "JA_Purity", then create the new page:

Copy beez's version, or copy the default version:

Apparently best practice is to put a placeholder 'index.html' page in any new directories you create.

Also, if you are creating a new page for your theme, you could just edit the default version directly.  It works, but is not a good idea for the next time you upgrade.

Yeah, it's a kludge, but nobody else has posted a solution.  I would check the session to see if the cart is empty, the login is on the non-SSL side for some reason.

By the way, that string "Welcome to the registered user area of our site" is in a *.ini file, not a *.php file, so it's hard to find.  Or it was for me.  It's in


VirtueMart Shopping Cart

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