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Home Joomla development joomla database class and Functions

joomla database class and Functions

Generic database connector class.

An instance of this class, called $database, is created using the current Joomla configuration variables when each page is loaded. Therefore you do not generally need to create new instance of this object.  If you need to access to $database within a function then remember to declare it as global.

Beginning with version 1.1, Joomla is being adapted to use the ADOdb database abstraction library (  Some new methods have been added and some minor changes to existing methods have been made in order to accommodate this and these changes have been documented appropriately.  Joomla versions prior to 1.1 support the MySQL database ( only.
Joomla version Unknown
Defined in


    Constructor for the database class.
    Performs an SQL EXPLAIN on the current SQL query string.
    Returns the most recent database error message.
    Returns the most recent database error code.

    Escapes characters with special meaning for the database.
    Returns the string to be used to represent a null date. This method was introduced in Joomla 1.1.
    Returns the number of rows returned by a database query.
    Returns the current database table prefix code. This method was introduced in Joomla 1.1.
    Returns the current value of the internal SQL query string.
    Creates one or more tables in the database.
    Returns a list of fields given a list of tables.
    Returns a list of all the tables in the database.
    Returns the unique record number of the last record to be inserted into a database table.
    Inserts an object into a database table.
    Loads an associative list of database rows.
    Loads an object with fields from the first row returned by the current SQL query.
    Returns an array of database objects using the current SQL query.
    Returns the first field of the first row returned by the database query.
    Returns an array containing a single field from all the rows returned by the database query.
    Returns the first row of the current query as an array.
    Returns an array of database rows with numeric column indexing.
    Quotes an identifier such as a database table name, field name, etc., using database-specific quote marks. This method was introduced in Joomla 1.1.
    Executes the current SQL query string.
    Executes the current SQL query string as a single transaction.
    Returns a quoted string with characters escaped.
    Sets the SQL query string for later execution.
    Updates the AXMLS schema. This method was introduced in Joomla 1.1.
    Returns the last database error message in a standard format.
    Updates a database table row using data contained in an object.

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