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Home Virtuemart development How to develop a shipping module for virtuemart

How to develop a shipping module for virtuemart

  The following is a list of all methods that must be implemented by a shipping module’s class file.

string list_rates( Array $d )
Lists all available shipping rates.

Attention : The array $d contains the values for the cart total weight ($d['weight']) and the ID for the shipping address the user has selected ($d['ship_to_info_id']). The ship_to_info_id refers to the field user_info_id in the tables jos_users OR jos_vm_user_info. Check both for a matching entry!
float get_rate( Array $d )
Returns the amount for the selected shipping rate by analyzing the parameter shipping_rate_id.
float get_tax_rate( Array $d )
Returns the tax rate for this shipping module (e.g. 0.19).
boolean validate( Array $d )
Validates the value for the parameter shipping_rate_id usually using isset( $_SESSION[$shipping_rate_id] ). Assumes you have set the value in the function list_rates for each returned shipping rate.

void write_configuration( Array )
Stores all configuration values for this shipping module in the configuration file.
string show_configuration( void )
Shows the configuration form for this shipping module in the shipping module form.
boolean configfile_writeable( void )
returns true if the configuration file for that module is writeable, false if not

Please always change names of configuration variables in both functions: show_configuration and write_configuration!  




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Virtuemart Upload Component

Upload Images and Files with your order in Virtuemart - VMUpload is a versatile plugin to the core application Virtuemart that allows for a customer to upload files to their order based on parameters established by the site administrator. it include a Joomla component and a Virtuemart patch.

Feature Summary


  • Upload and bind the files to a order
  • Ability to add more upload fields as needed
  • Secure client folder created as upload destination (folder name defined by username)
  • Create the thumbnail image automatically if the uploaded file is picture
  • Integrate with an image gallery for photos, show upload picture with lightbox
  • CSS friendly coding; Multi-language compatible (English native)


  • Check the uploaded files based on client orders
  • Download uploaded files from orders
  • Config number of maximum Files to upload
  • Config Maximum files size
  • Config upload file folder
  • Choice of acceptable file types
  • Creation of thumbnail image to defined size
  • Manage the uploaded files